Dream Homes & Drafting LLC

Solidify home comfort with reliable construction

Your dream home will only be as luxurious and comfortable as it is strong, durable and functional. Trust our skilled workers for the best in home construction from pouring the foundation to wiring the house.


Set up your consultation today to discuss the specifications of your new home's construction plan.

Square Square Square Square

Step 7: Foundation laid

Enjoy dedicated workmanship in all facets of laying the slab, including pouring, termite checks, and setting forms, beams, plumbing and electrical work. Trust D H & D for a strong foundation.

Step 8: Framing

After the slab is set, we start framing.  We would like for you to walk through the framed home to insure the views, windows, doorways all seem to work and flow as you had

imagined from the prints. Please make an appointment with a team member from Dream Homes to assist you with this walk through.  This is important as you may have specific questions or just need an expert opinion.  They will answer any framing questions you may have prior to continuation of construction.

Step 9: Rough-in stage

Prepare your home for maximum comfort and efficiency during the rough-in stage of construction where installation of plumbing, electrical wiring and duct work takes place in the steady hands of our experienced workers.