Dream Homes & Drafting LLC

Make preparations for smooth and efficient construction

There are a lot of moving parts involved with preparing a home to be built - don't worry; you don't have to go at it alone! With the help of our seasoned knowledge and world class technology, drafting your home's plans and prepping the work site gets an accelerated boost.


Discuss your home's plans with one of our experts today in a thorough and professional consultation.

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Step 4: 3D drafting

Ensure you're maximizing the potential of your land property by letting our 3D drafting technology take you on an accurate virtual tour of your completed home. This process can take between 2-6 weeks.

Step 5: Building bid

Our experts will help you put together an organized list of finishes for your completed construction plan so you can get an honest assessment and the best bid possible for your project.

Step 6: Site preparation

Time to break ground on your dream home! Expect prompt and professional service throughout the pre-construction period - including securing the necessary permits - to start building in the shortest amount of time.