Dream Homes & Drafting LLC

Make your home pop with the best in finishes

Floors, cabinets, painting and appliances - set your construction process up for a big finish by trusting our experts at D H & D for high quality finishing work.


Expect skilled, precise detail work in creating a visually pleasing and structurally sound dream home. Start your journey toward the finish line today!

Square Square Square Square

Step 10: Walls and cabinets

Watch as the best sheetrock, trim and paint material on the market is used to solidify and accentuate the interior of your new home. We do cabinetry too!

Step 11: Finishes

Lay the groundwork for optimum comfort and style with our expert flooring work. From tile to hardwood to carpet, you'll get dedicated and precise service on these interior finishes.

Step 12: Final walk-through

Get one step closer to your move in date by scheduling a final walk-through of your dream home. Expect receptive, personalized assistance as our team looks to make sure you are 100% satisfied before moving in.